Easy to use platform features

Features for software engineers with all levels of InfoSec knowledge, from script-kiddies to certified ethical hackers.

Pentest report generation
Generate pentest reports in a fraction of the time
Share the report in HTML or PDF formats
Project and task management
Keep track of the work and assign tasks to people in the team.
Dashboard & analytics
Interactive widgets to get key information about engagements at a glance
Audit log
A detailed audit log with every actioned performed by users in the system.
Command automation
Save time thanks to our smart CLI that runs, uploads and processes results for you.
Reusable templates
Create templates and save time on each new engagement for your clients
Smart search engine
Find exactly what you need without wasting time.
Manage projects and engagements for multiple clients.
Export & import data
Easy export and import of all data: vulnerabilities, targets, hosts, tasks, projects and more.
Access control
Securely restrict who can access the app.
Other great features
Scalable to any project and team sizes, mobile client (Desktop comming soon), secure, open-source and friendly community.